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Alumbrar Sound Services has the experience, the equipment and the passion for sound quality. Whether you need live sound mixing for tours, festivals, corporate, multi-faced events, one off’s or anything in between, got you covered.

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Alumbrar Sound Services

Consist in providing an e-motion LV1 system along with a premium microphone package for live sound mixing for recording artists to tour, festivals & multi-faceted events. Microphones, pre-amps & console are the very 1st step for a good beginning. Inject’ em into any size sound system, and good to go.

With 25+ years of experience, personalized care, attention to details along with great equipment are the core of our services.

IEM Monitor Mix QET Vancouver 2021
Monitors @ Langley Jazz Fest 2021
Services for live sound


Alumbrar is a trustworthy provider for multi-face events. Are you planning a tour, festival, showcase, album release, etc? From corporate to Immolation. From CBGB’S to National Auditorium Mexico City. From a speech to a festival, will work with you! Listen and understand your needs, is priority.


When you choose Alumbrar for your tour, you are choosing a service that includes an e-Motion LV1 mixing system, along with a high quality microphones, these are, to offer a level of consistency for the talent, night after night, venue after venue. The system is compact, light weight, and includes 8 XL4 Midas pre-amps via AES3. See equipment list here.

Area of previous work include: Europe, North America, Mexico, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Also, you choose an easy- going – no drama, learning awareness, 25+ years sound man.

Triple Door Showcase FOH One'off Seattle, WA Summer 2023
2RMX Festival FOH Powwow Arbor Kamloops BC July 2023


Are fun… or not.

Surprises, must likely, ready for them, always… not always, but the show will go on.

Bonaroo (US) Glastonbury, Virgin (UK) Blues Fest, Womad, Int. Guitar Fest.(Australia) Hurricane (Germany) Summer Sonic (Japan) Rock en Sein, RipCurl, (France) Esperanzah (Belgium) Live for emergency Piazza San Marco Venezia, Roma Rock Fest. (Italy) Nuke Fest (Austria) Draunoter Fest (Belgium) Grec Fest (Spain) Alive 08 (Portugal) 2RMX, Folk Fest, Calgary Stampede, Merritt mountain, Sacred Music Fest, Whistler Jazz Fest, Vanderhoof Rock, Arts Country Fair. Fetë d’été, to mentioned few. Festivals.

Corporate & multi-face events

Your event’s purpose, theme, and budget are always welcome.

When you choose Alumbrar, you are choosing professionalism, reliability, to deliver results.

Adhered to strict and demanding standards and protocols, such as confidentiality and safety.

Provide professional advise on what you really need.

Recommend quality sound systems that can match your budget.

8888 LV1 Corporate

Webcast Mixing & Recording

Nowadays, having a dedicated webcast mix for all kinds of events is almost a norm, DANTE or analog split can be used for this purpose, as well as for recording. Stems can be sent via RJ45 cat 5e or 6 to your favorite DAW. DANTE or using the Sound grid network protocol, from 48kHz to 96kHz.


One main features that distinguishes this mixing system from others,  is the combination of 5 different types of pre-amps.

Midas XL4, LV1 standard, and 2kΩ & 7kΩ, on the i/o Ionic 16.

The 12Mic D RME  ( https://www.rme-audio.de/12mic-dante.html  coming soon!)

Also the capability to connect to any system with DANTE protocol.

50 + Pluggins.

The system is built in independent rack cases. Light weight compact for easy travel  & transportation.

Rack 1 contains:

1 SKG https://www.skbcases.com/products/roto-molded-rack-expansion-case-with-wheels

1 WRC-1  V2  5G router , 2 Extreme C Servers, 1 Axis one computer, 1 DSP Pro SG 1000

1 rear panel for connectors, 1 power distro.

Weight: 87.5lbs / 39.68kg

Rack 2 contains:

1 SKG https://www.skbcases.com/products/roto-molded-rack-expansion-case-with-wheels

1 DSP pro SG 4000, 1 Midas XL4 -8 preamps, 1 Heard Bridge SOUND GRID – DANTE

2 panels rear & back for connections., 1 power dist.

Weight:  88.5lbs / 40.14kg

Case 3 Pelican 1610 contains:

1 Pelican 1610 https://www.pelican.com/ca/en/product/cases/protector/1610

1 Holi Custom Case ,1 FITT Controller, 2 , 10 point touch screens & cables.

Weight: 74lbs / 33.5kg

Case 4  (optional) SKG 2i model fly rack

1 SKB  https://www.skbcases.com/products/2-u-i-series-injection-molded-fly-rack-13

1 ionic 16  i/o

Weight 35.71lbs / 16.20kg

Case 5 Pelican 1510 


Microphones and audio gear.

Weight: 27.5lbs / 12.5kg 

Cat 6  Digiflex  touring grade cable  reel   300ft / 100 Mts

Weight 33lbs / 15kg



FOH Butchard Gardens, Victoria, BC
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Frequently Asked Question

How do I book your sound service?

You can book the sound services by filling out the contact form on the website or by calling at +1 (604) 518-5208 or email at alumbrarss@icloud.com. Will get back to you as soon as possible.

What does the services include?

Consulting, microphones, and an e-motion LV1 mixing system.

What are the rates and payment methods?

Rates vary depending on the type, size and duration of your project. Will provide you with a transparent and detailed quote. Payment methods: e-transfer, PayPal or bank transfer.

What kind of events do you cover?

Multi-face events that require sound reinforcement. Always open for new music styles & experiences.

Can you provide your services without the LV1?

Yes. The e-motion LV1 is the equipment by default when you book, but flexible for same or better quality, but not less.


Hi Alejandro! I just wanted to thank you so much for mixing the show last night! You sprinkled your magic all over the board and made them sound wonderful! We always enjoy seeing you come to Vashon. Thank you again and safe travels!

Alejandro is the guy you want on your team. Professional, reliable and committed to making your time on stage enjoyable and the sound off stage exceptional.

Malcom Aiken

Musical Director

I have known and worked with Alejandro Rivas for over 25 years. He’s been the principal sound engineer for my band, The Paperboys, for about 20 years. In addition he’s also the sound engineer for Locarno, and The BC world Music Collective. I hired Alejandro to be the production manager and sound engineer for The Vancouver World Music Festival and The Vancouver Celtic Music Festival. I was always in good hands with him at the helm.

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